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banter with a side of awesomesauce

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, August 6, 2009 at 10:42 am by flerly.

(10:31:49 AM) theflerlyone: i know you’re tired of working on the music collection, but i realized there’s a gaping hole in it
(10:31:56 AM) bsdn jamest: for?
(10:31:57 AM) theflerlyone: Alice in Chains
(10:32:30 AM) bsdn jamest: I ASSumed you had most of that… but noted
(10:32:39 AM) theflerlyone: on cd sure
(10:32:43 AM) theflerlyone: =)
(10:32:52 AM) theflerlyone: which i never listen to anymore because they are cds
(10:32:53 AM) bsdn jamest: I’ll take care of it
(10:32:58 AM) theflerlyone: i know
(10:33:03 AM) theflerlyone: you are awesome
(10:33:17 AM) bsdn jamest: I know
(10:33:18 AM) bsdn jamest: =]
(10:34:34 AM) theflerlyone: =)
(10:34:46 AM) theflerlyone: gosh i wish i were awesome
(10:35:12 AM) bsdn jamest: Oh you are…
(10:35:16 AM) theflerlyone: being awesome seems like it would be… well, awesome
(10:35:39 AM) theflerlyone: pardon my awesome overuse, but i just completed my Hair Metal collection cd and I was possessed by the 80s
(10:36:07 AM) bsdn jamest: but you’re on that level of awesome that it hurts to tell you how awesome you are… when someone does tell you, it brings you down 1.4 notches of awesome
(10:36:57 AM) theflerlyone: ha, your reply was itself awesome

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