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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Sunday, November 1, 2009 at 6:35 pm by flerly.

Last night I dreamt that we hadn’t really shot the show for “Fall Festival”, only a rehersal. This was because it all went down so smoothly that it could not have been real. We carved the three leftover pumpkins to take over to the show, then they got a strobe-pot in each and lit them to start the show… and they were awesome! They were on a hill off to the right of the show, and the smoke just came up out of the tops and crept down the hill, each pumpkin flashing a different color. Cool and creepy! Then we had a close-up, near deafening six or so minutes of fireworks, complete with ash and paper falling on the crowd with the wind change. AWESOME, for serious! We had scared children from the *booms*. Some people said it was the best show they’d seen, but it’s all about the proximity to it. This was nothing bigger than a 3″ shell, so we could be relatively close, and the crowd in the parking lot was on higher ground than the shoot site.

But anyway… I do babble. Shot at 7pm, cleaned up site and home by 8:30pm. Thus, it just felt like we’d done something wrong because there was still so much evening left to burn. At least we had Joyce & Pete’s newly lightning-replaced big screen to watch.

This morning we did a final disposal of our three carved pumpkins, with a couple of entertainingly dramatic quarter-sticks of dynamite for two of them. The lids seemed to fly sky-high with a slow rotation, while the rest of the pumpkins just chunked and blew in all directions.

The third pumpkin had a leftover titanium salute placed inside, which James proceeded to attempt to shoot. It was my favorite, carved with a smirky smile which we originally thought just looked like he was oblivious to the fact that he was about to go boom! After emptying a couple clips trying to find the salute shell inside the pumpkin, however, he just seemed to be mocking the shooters. After having shot enough to put us all off guard, and leaving the pumpkin looking more like swiss cheese, James finally hits his mark with a rifle. EVER so much more efficient than a quarter-stick, instead of flying chunks you could see, the salute exploding simply caused the pumpkin to cease to be, replaced by a huge puff of smoke. Almost looked like a magic trick… now you see it, now you don’t.

Anywho… trapped now in Winfield with the Talladega race crowd between us and home, we’re still hanging out. We’ve already gotten to go through a huge collection of Barbie’s and Ken’s today, and I have a couple pictures to post of their fabulousness. Unfortunately, only camera phone pics this weekend. James and I both neglected to pack a camera, and Joyce’s seems to have died. This was the first paid show we’ve done that I haven’t filmed. =\

Last funny note: When Joyce told Angela by phone that we were blowing up pumpkins this morning, Angela said we were retarded. Dennis, however, thinks we are the coolest people ever.

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