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okay.. not working out…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Sunday, June 9, 2002 at 1:17 am by flerly.

Brought home piles of work to do to “get ahead” for the week, but that’s all fell to crap. Did quite a bit last night, but really barely through the pile I brought home. Whiled away the Saturday with sleeping in, reading, ordering in food, snoozing, a quick grocery store trip, the CEG meeting at Dave & Busters, and THEN vegging out to an encore of “One More Time with Feeling” and then Moulin Rouge (which I loved). You can see there wasn’t even the thought of work in there…. plans for tomorrow probably won’t allow any work time either, but this week is going to be me dealing with a couple of big creative projects which I guess it’s best to just clear my head about over the weekend, rather than stress over.

In theory, tomorrow we’ll be watching Episode I on dvd, then going to see Episode II again at the theater. Who knows… I’d just as soon try to squeeze another motorcycle lesson in there, or a game of tennis or something… but I’m just afraid JT will be too worn out from work/lack of sleep. Of course, knowing him, he’ll probably come home having a whopping 3 hours of sleep under his belt, and be ready to face the world…. but that energy usually dies about 15 seconds after he sits down at home.

Anyway… am I the only one of the planet who didn’t know about the music in Moulin Rouge?!? I was blown away… Nirvana? Elton John? The Police? Queen? MADONNA?!? I laughed my ASS off at the whole “Like a Virgin” scene… That movie rocked. I may have to own it. If you haven’t seen it, watch it… IMHO, brilliantly put together. And I must say, watching Ewan MacGregor has left me with a taste to see Episode II again.

Oh well… JT too tired to talk … guess i’ll go read and pass out. Mental Note: lock bedroom door to avoid another traumatic scene like this morning.


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