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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, January 29, 2002 at 11:03 am by flerly.

work is kinda nuts here, but i’m having concentration
issues. too many distractions here. wish we had our dsl at home.

annoying distractions in the land of cubicles:

1. people on both sides of me having LOUD phone conversations
2. the fact that the scheduler’s cube is diag/behind me, and people are
CONSTANTLY stopping by there to ask him stuff, put stuff on the sched, etc..
so that makes for more loud distracting conversations, but at least i can
hear both sides of it
3. annoying mp3s that sometimes play REALLY LOUD and blast my ears through
the headphones, then the next one is too soft to hear… why are there no
normalizing plugins for winamp?
4. who the hell’s phone is ringing? i can’t tell with the headphones on.. is
it mine? no.. John’s? yeah, finally he answers it, there goes another loud
phone conversation.
5. who are these people walking back and forth behind me… i want a door
and ceiling for this space so I dont have to get all nuts and paranoid that
people are walking up behind me. It’s worse with the headphones on, because
everytime I turn my head to look, i pull something off my desk with the cord
6. when somebody DOES walk up behind me.. that’s annoying because they
usually are trying to give me work.
7. when somebody walks up behind me 4 times in the course of writing one

anyway.. maybe that’s a hint i should be working.


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