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Posted in Workout on Monday, May 18, 2009 at 2:04 pm by flerly.

Almost didn't drag out of bed today… stupid History channel keeping me up until 2am. Was feeling sort queasy and weak, so skipped breakfast but went on over. It was once again very nearly just Shannon and me, but one of the newbie girls also showed. It was gusting and cold so instead of  doing our weights in the pavillion, we took off walking on the trails with them. It was a lot nicer in the shelter of the trees, that's for sure. It was a pretty intense arm workout, with some squats and lunge walking thrown in. Where we crossed the granite path and it was wet, though, we just walked and held our weights, so we ended up talking. Shannon asked me about what else I was doing besides bootcamp now, and I told him about trying the 100 pushups, 200 situps, 200 squats programs, but was taking it slow since pushups especially tended to blow out my arm strength for bootcamp.  He was keen on the 100 pushups program, and decided we needed to do 100 pushups right then. I had to remind him that you do them in sets as you work the program with a GOAL of 100 in a row, and perhaps we shouldn't subject our newbie to 100 in a row just yet. So, instead we did 4 sets of 25 with a minute break between each. Even still I think the newbie girl was ready to kill me for even mentioning it.

And ended the day with Shannon asking me "my intentions" for the rest of the summer. Next week is an extra week for this month, and except for Monday, he's going to go ahead and run classes for anybody who wants to show up without worrying about charge.. bonus week for the existing people. I told him I'm planning to just keep coming all summer, and would probably just do the 90-day commitment starting in June.

Talked my way out of a regular Tuesday meeting and only have a call at 11, so I will make it to class tomorrow, too. So glad, since I'm already likely missing Thursday morning this week as we head out of town for a long fireworks/Bristol trip with the sis.


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