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Wacko me

Posted in Workout on Friday, May 15, 2009 at 9:38 pm by flerly.

So, I "double-dipped" and went to morning and afternoon bootcamp yesterday based on Shelly's request, but didn't end up needing to be there. Shannon had gotten back and was there to whip this week's slack-asses into shape and give them the hard time they deserved for hassling his trainers in his absence. NOT the best day for me to show up for a 2nd class, but, c'est la vie… I was there already.

To warm up… once around the triangle, which I jogged completely non-stop for the first time ever. In fact, I was so in awe of what I'd just done when we got back to start that I was looking around waiting for somebody to notice and give me a way-to-go, but instead I was just another person in the group to make it all the way around non-stop. Big whoop.

Then we did sprints and that lame-ass horse & carriage run again. That so hurts, and I did encounter one of the slack-ass people who decided she'd had enough and walked off to talk on her phone leaving her partner hanging, where-in I jumped in and did another run so she could get her turn.

Then, to cool down? How about another run around the triangle, eh? Was doing great, non-stop again until Shannon actually stopped us near the top to do fire hydrants in the grass until everybody caught up. Then we started off again, and I was going non-stop down the hill thinking only of stopping and walking it in since I was in the lead group with most of the class far behind me… but then I heard Shannon's voice counting down for something, and I hadn't heard what it was for and it scared me… so I sprinted to the finish coming in ahead of him and his countdown.

So glad I did. Everyone who finished over 6 minutes aka behind him had to do 25 of his horrible ticondaroga runs (sp?) which is like a cross-climber in the down position of a wide-legged pushup. Nasty things.

Then it's Friday and I'm too lazy to get up for the early morning class, so I decide to just go once around the mountain. I take my pod-runner and my week 4 C25K workout and unfortunately get there about noon when it's hot hot too hot. Walked it to warm up until I got to about the quarry display, then it was kinda shady and I started my intervals. Managed to do two 8-minute intervals, up and down hills before I was just too fucking hot. Looked at my distance and saw I was about 2 1/2 miles in and thought whatever, it's only 5 around, I'll just keep going. Of course, that damned asphalt is hot through your shoes and it was a rough next mile or so. Had to stop at the playground and refill my water and take a break in the shade, then bumped it back to walking the uphills and jogging the downhills. With my couple stops it took me an hour and 10 minutes to go around what the pod registered as almost 6 miles. Pretty crappy time, but it did include some long jogging intervals, just a lot of walking recovery time, too.

Then, you know, why not do some more and talk JamesT into a bike ride. We had just been talking about it. I've been dying to take my bike around the mountain, but I'd forgotten how much I hate the ride from here to there…. especially when it starts raining on you and you get big splashes from passing cars. Nice! Oh, and then there's all those low-hanging branches that hang even lower when it's raining. But, we survived. Here to park, around to docks, back to walkup trail, then out and home… we figure about 11 miles, with the last 4 in the rain. At least it was cool!

Yup, definately feeling crazy today. So crazy I'm thinking about that 8am Saturday bootcamp, but I know I'm too lazy to get up that early.

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