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Welcome to bootcamp bitch-fest (apparently!)

Posted in Workout on Thursday, May 14, 2009 at 1:16 pm by flerly.

So, I've slacked on posting about going to classes lately because our group has been so small, we're pretty much in a routine and not really doing any games or whatever. We jog, we do weights, and we do abs days. Shannon has been out this week, however, as he's out of town for a funeral. As such, Shelly's been running our mid-morning and the afternoon classes for him. Today it was originally her notion for us to jog all the way around the mountain, but we've got two vets in our class who have been showing up early and working out some before class. Today they'd decided to go all the way around, so Shelly didn't want to do what they'd just finished. So, instead we were going to do  a walking-warmup to "birthday hill", jog up the hill, then walk up the mountain trail to the pavillion, do some ab work there, then head back the way we came. We started out well enough, but from the beginning we had two girls who really complained from the get-go about working out today. I told them to be thankful we were only doing about 2 miles instead of the 5 she had planned, but they weren't having it. We got about 2/3 way to the pavillion, then they yelled for me to tell Shelly that they had their keys and were just going to head back because this day seemed like it would run long and they had places to be at 11.

Well, I made it to the pavillion, passed on their message, and the bitch fest began. Apparently our two vets often go to the afternoon class, too, and that set them off about the slow group in the afternoons. Not just slow, like beginners, but whiny complainers, apparently. Yuna, the girl I ended up jogging with last week on our "running from the cops" day is usually in that class and is in the group that just won't put forth any effort. These girls were going on about why someone would decide to pay so much for the class and then be hateful and lazy while they're there. Like they resent Shannon that he is encouraging them to workout. Shelly was telling us that for groups as big as that afternoon one is there usually does tend to be a fast group and a slow group, but this month, they have fast, slow, and no effort. Apparently their regular extra trainer who comes to help with the afternoon has been getting frustrated that he isn't getting his own workout in for having to hang back and deal with the no effort group.

So, when the two other girls from today mentioned that I had gotten Yuna to actually jog when she'd come to our class last week, Shelly said she wished I would come to the afternoon class and see if I could do it again for their no effort crew. I don't know if I'll have the energy today, but I guess I might try it. Afterall, it's just the no-effort crew… I'm sure I could blend right in especially tired.

And I realize we're working through my 3rd month here, but today I managed to run farther non-stop than I have ever done… down birthday hill and all the way back to our start point, non-stop. Then, our cool down turned into a further bitch-session, where we ended up sitting around almost a half-hour after class talking more about the no-effort crew MAINLY because on our way back, we passed the 2 girls who'd bailed on us earlier because they had "places to be". They were walking and talking and laughing their way back, and we just jogged right by and kept going. I think more slacker talk was inevitable after that!


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