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Month 3 at last

Posted in Workout on Thursday, May 7, 2009 at 2:30 pm by flerly.

Taking a week off was tougher to recover from that I had imagined it would be. I did 3 days of the pushups, situps, squats routine, but no jogging meant some cardio loss. I can happily say, though, that after two months of bootcamp so far, I can more than zip up that dress I'd ordered back in March… it's loose.

Here's the recap of this week:
Monday: Weights in the pavaillion (cuz, gee, it was raining!)
Tuesday: work meeting & bookclub, so long day of no exercise, other than some mall walking.
Wednesday: A twisted little abs day in the pavillion, which includes us holding ourselves in the V-up position for a minute, which left my abs hurting like never before.
Thursday: “Footrace from the po po” … aka, modified Indian Run, because Andy, our lady cop, was in attendance and had been telling us stories about how her improved cardio had been helping her on the job. She told us she once had to chase a suspect, and when she realized she could easily catch him, instead hung back a little and taunted him, saying “I could go at this pace all day, so keep going! I missed my morning workout anyway!” That led to us deciding we would train today in how to better run from the police, hence the name. And, because there were big signs at the park about driver training classes going on, and we'd heard plenty of squealing tires, we decided to jog a new way that I hadn't been and check out their driving course. We headed toward the exit of the park, then took a service road back around to the main park road, then on over to birthday hill for 3 runs up, then all the way back to start. The driving course was training to drive “the ducks”, so it was kinda funny to see those huge things squealing their tires on the course. PRETTY sure the training was to teach them how slow they needed to go in order to avoid the squealing.

Anywho, seeing as how I'm not exactly in my right mind today, I've been kicking around the idea of going back over for the 6:30 class, too.


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