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Bootcamp Month 3… postponed

Posted in Workout on Wednesday, April 29, 2009 at 1:04 pm by flerly.

Well, thanks to my own massive stupidity, and I believe a bit of hyper-sensativity from some of these meds, I got myself a massively painful sunburn from my first attempt at my “sun over lunch” Monday. I did this often last summer and you could barely even tell I'd ever been outdoors. Monday, with my new lounge chair, my bug zapper, two cats in harnesses on leashes, my Book Club audio book on the pod and the indulgence of bringing a fan out to blow on me for the little over an hour I was out there…. well, I'm well done. Worst is my back and backs of my legs, which never really happened last year since I didn't have a lounge chair I could lay down in. I guess that side never sees the sun.

So, yeah… I've been popping Tylenol since the pain really kicked in late Monday night, I can't sleep on my back or sit back in chairs really, and the burned backs of my knees make well, walking, moving, anything, pretty much hurt. I'd been trying to stay Aloe-gelled up, using a thin T-shirt layer to help hold thick layers of it on my back. Of course, when my T-shirt dried stuck to my back, which I discovered because I'd moved in my sleep and my shirt had sort of hung on the covers yanking part of it away from my back…. well, that required two more tylenol and some sleeping sitting up in the bathroom for a bit until the fire cooled.

Finally, I gave in and decided to just bare the burn in something strappy so I wouldn't risk the sticking problem again. Then, of course, I had to admit to JamesT how bad it was. Well, I'm sure it could be worse… it's not bubbly-blistered, but it is still mostly deep red, radiating heat, and pretty freaking painful.

Thus, after last night's pain, with the notion of how it was going to feel to lay on a picnic table and do leg raises and throw-downs, i just couldn't bear it, and emailed Shannon that I wasn't going to make it this week at all. He may give me an extra week later, but if he doesn't, meh…

I'd already put on my calendar to jump into the hundredpushups.com, twohundredsitups.com and twohundredsquats.com programs on Mons, Weds and Fri, and actually accomplished it Monday AFTER my lunch-sun before the pain set in. When I came in the house… seriously.. I didn't even look pink. Surpised the HECK out of me how burned I was later.

Anywho… Today should be my day 2, and I'll at least try to do the program today. Today's sets should be:

Pushups 14, 19, 14, 14, 19+
Situps 21, 28, 21, 21, 28+
Squats 19, 25, 19, 19, 25+

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