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Posted in Workout on Wednesday, April 15, 2009 at 11:05 am by flerly.

Diet wasn't too strict over Easter, but didn't go completely nuts. Was good about exercise during the trip, though thankfully it wasn't raining WHILE I was jogging this time, rained just before. Air was mostly pollen free at that time, though it came back with a vengence.

Late trip home Sunday night, slept terrible, and was supposed to have a conference call Monday morning, so missed Monday bootcamp. Had considered going to the evening class, but slacker tendancies and the delivery of my netbook won out in the end. Tuesday was a regular meetings day, so today was my first workout day this week.

Running abs day, with about 3 miles total jogging and 500 total ab repetitions he said. My sinuses were burning the whole time… as I can't figure out how one can be so congested and yet have a constantly runny nose at the same time. Running indoors on the treadmill is such a different experience, as I spent so much of today just making myself breathe.

No idea what tomorrow will bring, but a shower is in order ASAP as just the scent of pollen off my hair and clothes had me sneezing in the car all the way home. I hate allergies.


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