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Month 2 > Week 2 > Weds & Thurs

Posted in Workout on Thursday, April 9, 2009 at 12:00 pm by flerly.

Nasty cold this week, or else revenge of the pollen and allergies. Either way, my head and chest are full of phlegm, and exercising outside in it… yeah, not fun.

Wednesday, typical abs day in the pavaillion, not too bad.

Thursday, trail running. He said we did about 4 miles off road, though I had my Nike+ meter in my shoe and it only showed 3 1/2. My jogging pace is SO slow… even when I jogged non-stop from point to point, I was last or 2nd to last to arrive, and gasping for some pollen-free air.

It's Spring Break at the park, and it was PACKED today. Our trail running ended up with us coming right through the ticket area and the packed parking lot to end up back at our cars, and there were people everywhere. Temperature was nice, though. JUST right.


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