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Day 19

Posted in Workout on Saturday, March 21, 2009 at 11:10 am by flerly.

Saturday! One simple thing I read yesterday made today go so much easier…. concrete, as in concrete sidewalks is the crappiest, hardest, most uncomfortable surface to jog upon, whereas asphalt is downright cushy in comparison. Staying on the asphalt can save your feet. Funny how that never occurred to me as I was doing it — like “Ow this concrete is evil!”.

So yeah, yesterday's 5 miles was almost all on the sidewalk, and my feet were hurt worse than anything I've done this attempt. Soaked them off and on yesterday, and didn't end up with blisters. Today they seemed fine, thus I took off with my first Couch-to-5K podrunner playlist back to the park. Did 2.22 miles in 30 minutes at a pace of 15:08 a mile, which isn't a record, but is faster than my average. Home and done with stretching and feet are feeling fine.

Stupid concrete.

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