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Day 18

Posted in Workout on Friday, March 20, 2009 at 3:06 pm by flerly.

Friday – Here's a new saying for you… “Curiosity gave the cat blisters.” So, took off at lunch to give a go at another loop of Stone Mountain, with the Nike+, to see what distance it said. 4.92 miles was the result, which was done in 1 hour 17 minutes by me, though that included a stop to give directions. The result, I feel pretty good after, though I could tell around mile 4 that my shoes were rubbing strange today and my feet are quite tender now. Got 'em soaking and fingers crossed for no actual blisters.

Haven't decided about Saturday bootcamp. It was awful nice to sleep in today, and 8am is terribly early. Of course, because of the event at the gym this weekend, even yoga is bumped up to 9am and will only be 45 minutes…hardly worth it.

Also got the doc to renew my phentermine for another 30 days, since I'm down to 3 pills. Took it this morning, but then dawdled around and had a late breakfast — though a big breakfast — and really wasn't even hungry after I got back from the park. Made myself eat a Kashi frozen meal since it had been 5 hours since breakfast.

Edit: I decided to knock my top end calorie limit on SparkPeople back 100 calories a day to make myself be a little more strict. I'm in the 1200-1450 range now.

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