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still looking for breathing room…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, June 18, 2002 at 12:06 pm by flerly.

Not sure why I get so stressed feeling why I try to organize my to-do schedule for the week in my head. I really don’t get much of anything done while I schedule my tasks, but scheduling them always makes me finish them faster in the end…. better than hopping from thing to thing. Anyway… enough work. Taking a breather…

Just fired up the winamp, clearing head, preparing to focus on the tasks at hand… and realized I needed to get some weekend drivel out of the way in order to concentrate.

Spent a nice Sunday and Monday in “Chattanooga” with JT’s fam. Long time no see for most of them… JT’s Dad’s house looks great.. nice new wood floors. I think our July vacation plans are to house sit for them over the 4th. Should be fun.. big tv, cable, nice big bed, garden-sized whirlpool tub, lots of privacy… sounds like a vacation. Oh, and also we can play with all Noah’s toys =) Although, I think JT’s stepmom told me four times that you had to be under 12 and less than 120lbs to use the slip and slide…. I mean… I didn’t realize I was drooling over the slip and slide to the point where she would think all we wanted to do while they were out of town is trash the slip and slide. Although.. it is the cool one with the extra tunnel and water-dump bucket.

But anyway.. saw uncle Brian’s new house, JT’s Texas family, watched plenty of Nascar and Golf, caught Adult Swim, took silly pictures with JT’s mom’s cam (I’m inspired for a new personal web page project..JT is afraid). Avoided checking mail or thinking of work for two days, got treated to a couple nice meals, and generally had a good time. No scooby doo, but we did get to go drool over some cars and motorcycles.

Anyway.. phone rang twice while trying to type this, both times consultant Bob trying to use me as Trillian/MSN tech support. UGH.

Need liquid refreshment, and to get started on work.


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