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Not tonight dear, I have acid reflux…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, June 19, 2002 at 11:15 am by flerly.

Ever feel like you’re being crushed from all sides, and the only method of stress relief you’ve found is to egg on pointless arguments by saying things just to frustrate people? It was that kind of night…. turned my head and picked up my suitcase off the floor last night, just casually, and felt something pull in my shoulder. They both ached all night, despite the Alleve. How tense does your whole body have to be before you can’t turn your head without straining something?

As such, could not fall asleep. Should have taken another hot bath, but really twice a day is the limit. Like we don’t already have 4 people showering… Lucky me, the dsl was out at 2am (and the rest of the morning) so I couldn’t stay up and play online, and reluctantly just went back to bed. My brain is totally fried this morning. Probably from laying awake, staring at the ceiling, pondering ‘s comment that ulcers and acid reflux have become the most common ailments these days, and that anyone can have them. So many people can sympathize when you say you have it, so I just imagined it as the “excuse” of the new century. “Not tonight, dear, I have a headache” is just so 50s sounding now.

Ugh.. alarm was going off with the volume turned down, and I didn’t notice it until 9:15… hence my extreme lateness. It would have been a good morning to work at home. As threatened last night, Bellsouth got ONE MORE chance then he was going to start pricing cable service. They’re on my last nerve, that’s for damn sure.


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  1. signde has made a Comment

    well i can tell you, as many things as i hate about comcast, one thing is for sure… my cable is 100x more stable than my DSL ever was. since my new line has been ran, my modem hasn’t dropped sync once. 172 hrs and counting now. i would have shit myself if my DSL stayed sync’ed that long.

    June 19, 2002 @ 10:13 am

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