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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, June 20, 2002 at 3:19 pm by flerly.

Okay.. twisted my knee funny and now have a CRAMP?!? across my kneecap and down the inside of my leg on my already fucked knee. Ouch… and to top it off, my fricking neck is killing me from sitting here all day.

Was a bad girl. Gave in to sushi lunch. Pretty much wasted $10. Not that it wasn’t good…. just feeling the money/budget/guilt when I vowed to brown-bag-it for at least a month.

Work.. sucking. MORE revisions of crap that I can’t get out of the way to do other things. Ghei. But.. don’t want to detail the crap any further in LJ cuz it just makes me more stressed.

Well… break over.


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