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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Saturday, June 22, 2002 at 11:12 am by flerly.

Georgia No Call List…. after telling yet another person collecting for MADD this morning that I didn’t want to contribute, I decided too look this up. They want $5 to be on the list for 2 years, and it wont stop calls from anyone with a previous or current relationship with you, people collecting for charities, or people taking political polls.

And I’m thinking…. my telemarketer nightmares are 33% Bellsouth (who we do business with), 33% MADD (charity), an 33% Subscribe to the paper. And since the last time that I got two calls in one day about the paper, and told the woman that I not only hadn’t I changed my mind since they called yesterday, but that I sure as heck hadn’t changed it since that morning, she apologized and said she’d take my name off their list.

So… $5 to get on a list that won’t stop my major harassers. Hardly worth it at this point…. of course, now that I’ve said that every schmuck with a new gadget to peddle will be calling me up.

Perhaps I’ll just train better about how to screen people who ask for me.


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  1. petulant_derek has made a Comment

    Get Privacy Director. It stopped *all* my telemarketing calls dead in their tracks, and I was up to 3 or 4 per week. How it works is that anyone who calls and does not provide a listing and number for your caller ID gets intercepted. They must state their name and business after a brief message. You can then listen to who it is, and choose to 1) accept, 2) ignore, or 3) play a courteous call reject message.

    A fourth option, which would be to play a foul, rude call reject message, would be nice.

    June 22, 2002 @ 1:48 pm

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