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so how feasible is this?

Posted in Project 40 on Sunday, February 7, 2010 at 11:27 pm by flerly.

Motivating list of 52- ways to lose a pound a week.

Did an inventory of my workout videos this morning, and realized I have one set I bought and have never even done — yeah, shocker. So, this afternoon I put in the Step Workout, to try it out, and its tough as heck. At the heartrate check break, I’m over. Yeow, I had no idea I had dvds this rough on hand — it’s kinda cool.

And so it was also superbowl day, which was sort of a junk-food pig-out day, and I think we both ate ourselves sick. Walked a bit more after the game, but nothing too much. Did manage to finally get my Nike+ to sync to the website, so maybe it can actually track my Ct5K workouts now.

One week down, and you know if I’d lost a pound I’d have mentioned it by now. But, there’s no despair. All is good. Things are coming together. I’m not feeling so much like things are spinning out of control anymore. I really think a week of being back on my vitamins and drinking more water is finally starting to balance me out.

So now there’s 90lbs in 89 weeks. Hardly sounds daunting.

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