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Work it out

Posted in Project 40 on Tuesday, February 9, 2010 at 3:40 pm by flerly.

Neck and shoulder pain really intensified last night, so I broke out the neck support pillow which helped me sleep without much pain. Once I was up today, however, it’s been really bad. No amount of light-usage or loosening up this shoulder is to be had, and it just cramps like crazy. On my second dose of Tylenol today, as it’s even worse after working out.

Yeah, I bombed on the morning workout again, but I picked up a 40 minute Kathy Smith workout and knocked it out over lunch. Good sweat, and pleasant stretching. Not nearly so tough as her step workout, but a nice interval training video. Check it out on Netflix here.

The secret to making through today, however, has to be pudding. Jello instant fat free-sugar free pudding, that is, which I happened to have stockpiled away in the pantry. I could feel the sweet-tooth kicking in at just the notion of the big salad I was going to have for lunch, so I went ahead and mixed up some chocolate pudding for snack. Low-fat milk, bonus calcium, no sugar, chocolate-fix, and a nice reward for working out.

As I mentioned, though, now this shoulder is killing me. I’d thought I could sit back down and get right back to work, but I think I’m going to have to go ahead and take a hot shower. Definitely putting Ibuprofen on my shopping list for tomorrow, since Tylenol barely takes the edge off. Speaking of which, tomorrow marks my first shopping day attempting to put to use some of the advice from the www.SouthernSavers.com website — I can has coupons and I’m not afraid to use them!

Update 6:27pm: Early salad lunch so I could workout made for early dinner hungry. Cooking more = cleaning more = moving more + good for budget, so at least I’m doing better sticking to that plan. Dinner tonight: ground turkey salisbury steak & twice baked potatoes. You know, I think the time spent on food prep and the cleaning up after really does help with my mental state as to feeling satisfied by the food.

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