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Olympics, yay!

Posted in Project 40 on Friday, February 12, 2010 at 11:59 pm by flerly.

This brief daily update brought to you by 5 hours on a couch watching Olympics opening ceremony stuff — since coverage started at 7:30 even though the ceremony didn’t really start until 9.

Oh well!

Wore my VFFs all day, which are truly getting to be comfy the longer I wear them. Did a workout video in them today, no worries. Didn’t get in any treadmill time, but did at least have a good handle on the two meals we ate today — so never really felt stuffed. Even managed a frozen banana instead of the girl scout cookie temptation tonight.

Staying up watching Olympics left plenty of time to get HUNGRY though, and boy am I still — my head is pounding, also, probably just for want of a snack.

If the 3 or so inches of snow we got are still on the ground tomorrow, we’ll probably be staying in and getting into watching the Olympics more! In essence, the next 16 days are going to be me babbling about cool athletes while I wish I was one — but isn’t that true for most of us. I’ve always found the games to be inspiring to watch, even though this one is starting off on such a dark note. Almost couldn’t believe NBC showed that footage of the luge athlete’s fatal wipe-out, again and again, but then I remembered — oh yeah, this is television.

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