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Slacker Saturday

Posted in Project 40 on Saturday, February 13, 2010 at 11:26 pm by flerly.

Managed two short walks on the treadmill in the VFFs today. Definitely going to take time to actually break them in, but I do like them. Mostly been just sitting in front of the Olympics today, but did finally wrap my head around one work issue and sit down to fix a couple things earlier today.

Ran across a recent article on CNN Health about barefoot running, it’s here.  It’s already been interesting to me that with a couple days of toe raises my ankles and arches aren’t having much pain using the VFFs — if it could be true it’s been my shoes allowing certain muscles to atrophy to cause the arch pain, then I may have a tennis shoe bonfire in a couple months.

Just as to status, no really intense cardio workouts lately, just strength, but my stomach has been iffy to say the least. Stopped a more brisk walk short when I thought I was going to puke. Started taking some digestion supplements yesterday, but they say a week for full benefit.

Plan to get up early-ish for a strength video workout tomorrow, then continue to try short turns at the treadmill in the VFFs.

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