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I’m allergic to sleep?

Posted in Project 40 on Sunday, February 14, 2010 at 10:44 pm by flerly.

Woke up massively congested, sniffling sneezing — and burning eyes, which to me indicates an allergy reaction. Haven’t managed to shake it all day, and just have been miserable. Took a second dose of allergy meds, without any benefit I noticed. Starting taking my vitamin and allergy meds before bed for a couple weeks now, and it’s been working fairly well — at least allergywise — until today. Not sure what happened in the night… perhaps I had a cat crawling on me more than I realized.

I was down a pound this morning for this week, though I can’t say it’s for much effort. At least after today — I have snotted and sneezed and slacked on exercise. Did knock out quite a chunk of work today, though, so at least I am not feeling so overwhelmed to start this upcoming week.

Didn’t even put on the VFFs today. The cold meds I’ve popped today managed to knock me out twice for a little while in front of the tv, so I’ve just let them. Slack slack slack. Snot snot snot. Body woke up in revolt to doing much of anything today, so I’ve given in and not pushed it.

Still passed a pleasant enough Valentine’s Day with JamesT. Did not allow feeling crappy convince me to not cook as planned today, which I’m happy about. Potential snow overnight again might make travel early tomorrow bad, but I’d already not planned to bootcamp in the morning after today.

Once again, tomorrow is another day, and also the start to week three. Let’s just hope tonight I’m not allergic to sleeping anymore.

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