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Well, this is about diet AND exercise, right?

Posted in Project 40 on Tuesday, February 16, 2010 at 11:56 pm by flerly.

We were supposed to have a meeting today, which means a long drive and a day away from home, but it was canceled. I knew this, yet somehow I didn’t remember that I hadn’t set any “get up” reminders for today, since I thought I would be gone.

You can guess the rest. It was a long day of sitting on my butt in the regular computer chair, but it was a very productive work day. Coffee + fiber & cereal 10ish, kashi frozen meal 2ish, and maybe a slightly smaller than normal portion for me dinner 6ish. No snacking, no hunger pangs, so great diet day for me. Her it is midnight and I’m still not even snacky… unless I start to think about what there is to snack on… but that’s another problem altogether.

Anywho, so fell back into a rut of sitting too still in front of the computer and not remembering to get up, but at least didn’t overeat. Had planned to walk on the treadmill some more tonight as we watched more Olympics, but somehow JamesT and I both seemed to forget the Olympics and get caught up in other things. I sat back down and ended up sitting/working another four hours instead of doing anything productive… well, productive for my health at least.

Tomorrow should be a good day, though. Any work for work will be at my own pace — fingers crossed — since I’m off the clock. Also have plenty of household chores to accomplish for the week — which is movement, and I am looking forward to some treadmill/Olympics viewing! Still can’t believe I completely spaced tonight.

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