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so, just wondering if this is payback…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, June 27, 2002 at 10:52 am by flerly.

So when I drag my still greasy, cold-showered ass into the office today, I find a PILE of reworks in my in box…despite the fact that I was BEGGING for work yesterday, no one mentioned all the stuff they had, they just dumped it into the in-box.

Thinking, wow, here’s a pile of stuff that I’m going to have to do before that vacation gets approved, I get to work on it…. only to discover, it’s a pile of reworks on old-code sites… dag-nabbit. The first one I picked up, I researched thoroughly, put all my info into an email, and sent it all back to the scheduler with the note “I don’t have access to alter any old code sites, remember?” Then continued on in the pile… it’s a thick pile, and as soon as noticed that number two was also an old-code rework, I started digging through it… sure enough 5 out of 6 things are all old code. WTF? I feel like an idiot sending a whole pile back with nothing done on them…

Ugh.. anywho. I have vowed not to eat today since SOMETHING I ate yesterday seems to be still stuck in my throat and causing some nasty nausea that lasted all night and is still lingering, waiting for me to make a sudden move.


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