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“Pole, line one. Pole, line one.”

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, June 28, 2002 at 11:39 am by flerly.

Well, I’ve spent a few hours catching up on chats with people. Got some interesting news links from BillyB, too, if anyone is interested about the fate of my place of employment. One is from yahoo and the other from realty times. Fun fun… not.

Project for vacation… set up a bulletin board website where The Gang ™ can keep up with business plans, links, and ideas. Note to , Anglehead says you should call the Regional Planning Agency in Chattanooga, tell them about the property you own, and just ask them about it. They can tell you what it’s zoned for, and save you lots of legal hassles.

So anyway… I’ve decided to follow the lead of our new temp receptionist and call Paul “Pole” from now on. It’s the easiest of her strange pronunciations to mimic. Har-ace, isn’t too bad, but Pole was laugh out loud amusing today over the loud speaker. She also needs to learn that in a business of this size, you just can’t say “John, line one.” cuz there are like 6 people who go by John… Get a clue, lady.

And now… a quote overheard from the customer service department just now. In a very slow, exaggerated voice, Horace is “singing”, “heeeeeeey, hoooooo, heeeeeey, hooooo”. Hrm. Party in customer service. I should go check it out.

Wonder if anybody’d be mad if I went to Papa Roach tonight free instead of They Might Be Giants…. hrm.. pondering. Like I would go solo in the rain anyway…

Well… looks like the point is moot anyway, since the lovely and talented has suggested that in lieu of the rain we forego the concert and just go see the Ya Ya Sisterhood movie instead.


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