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The idleness of March

Posted in Project 40 on Friday, March 5, 2010 at 3:01 pm by flerly.

Or I should say, the idleness that was February. February has been a battle of laziness and sickness, and that’s all the excuse I have. Tried despite the slack to make an effort to eat smarter, which is hopefully working itself into a routine. Trying three supplements in this “eat smarter” routine, which I’ll go into later.

Meanwhile, I am enjoying a new mile a day walk video with the same mellow Leslie Sansone. Doing the same mile video over and over — Morning Mile, is what I had — gets old so fast, so this is one video with 5- 1 mile workouts, each with a little variation, and so far so good. The total of 6 1-miles, even at just 15 minutes a pop, has been a nice thing to work in on my morning “Get Up! alarm”. I have room right in the office, and it’s an easy way to make the most of a break from desk-time.

Still haven’t really managed to work in any real extended workout back into the routine, but I have been digging up new options. Kit has all the Beachbody-p90x dvds at her house for when we manage to meet up there, and I’ve now gotten all the Beachbody-Insanity on the video share here. I guess we’re both crazy! Loaded up some of the higher-rated free Netflix videos to stream at home, too.

Lastly, picked up some toe-socks (that fit!) which have made the VFFs a whole lot more comfortable to workout in. Those and the updated Nike+ software and Nike band should prompt me to hit the treadmill ASAP — I’m thinking today!

Okay, now nothing left but that boring supplements info:

First, “glucomannan” — the main ingredient of “The Fill Pill” from few years ago — now offered much cheaper than the “brand name”. Essentially, a fibrous pill, washed down with a lot of water, to expand in the stomach and cause a feeling of fullness. I’m already taking a daily multi-vitamin, but you can find these that include vitamins as they dissolve as well. I’m doing 2 pills about every 2-3 hours, and so far so good. Took a couple days to get used to them and get the timing/dosage working for me. Two pills before or after a small snack feels like you ate a big meal, and is quite satisfying. Taking them and attempting to skip a meal left me mentally crazy even if I didn’t feel physically hungry — talked myself into eating a meal “because I should”, and too much food and pills makes one quite uncomfortable. Best so far, 2 pills, big glass of water, then a small nosh — like a string cheese or a small yogurt — with another full glass of liquid, and I feel full for hours. Only side effect I’ve noticed, and it could be mental, is that I’m dying of thirst all the time.

Also restarted my previous purchase of “Xenadrine” — which is just caffeine and herbs which are supposed to promote metabolism. Added this back because I was just feeling sluggish — probably from the lack of coffee or influx of massive amounts of water — and the lingering sickness. When i remember to take them, I do feel more mentally and physically “on” for a while. Better able to focus.

Lastly, I’m going to start “Super Citrimax”. The supplement I have includes Chromium — which I’ve taken before with good result, when I remembered. This is a highly rated non-prescription appetite suppressant, and the Chromium, often used to help with blood pressure issues, helps balance glucose usage. It’s likely just been the added caffeine from the Xenadrine — which I will stop when I start the Super Citrimax — but I’ve been feeling the pulse racing lately. When I forget I’ve already had the Xenadrine and chug some diet soda at dinner, it can sure tell soon after.

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