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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Sunday, May 16, 2010 at 2:50 pm by flerly.

So, I apparently forgot the reflection of sun on the sand can also give you a crispy burn. Finished “Spooky Little Girl” today, even when the rest of the fam had given up and headed for the pool/room. The arm of the lounger spared a nice even line down the length of my arm from the reflected burn, though, so I guess you could say I have skunk-arm.

Beach accomplished, though only twice in the ocean today for me. When my bottoms got yanked down to my knees on that second venture into the waves, I figured I’d spare the beachgoers any further exploits of mine and just go read. Also forgot how weird everything looks after you’ve spent a day staring at a bright sunlit page. Wonder how long this strange haze will last.

James and Pete boogied most of the day, which was quite the workout. Joyce decided those boards were dangerous and would have none of them, but continued to play in the water without it. They all exclaimed they wouldn’t need neti pots for a while as their sinuses were thoroughly salt-water washed.

Mini-golf might be out, as it looks like instead we’re meeting up with some family passing back from a wedding in Miami on their way back to Jacksonville. That means it’ll be visit number three to Captain J’s on the beach, but the margaritas are good there. Whoop, there’s Pete’s phone… looks like company is here.

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