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Enjoying my girly time!

Posted in Project 40 on Friday, June 18, 2010 at 5:21 pm by flerly.

Not that it had to be, but deferred to a “boy’s night” out for Bob’s birthday. That’s left me time to finally try out the Skinny Bitch dvd I had only watched before, and to make my own dinner mostly composed of food James won’t eat. =)

Those skinny bitches are pretty funny, but I’m glad I watched the interviews first. They suggest you watch the workout at least once first, because there aren’t a lot of cues, and it can be ridiculous to follow along the first time. These chicks aren’t professional trainers, they make up funny names for their moves, and they screw up — a lot. To me, a near professional workout-slack-ass, it was hilarious to watch, and really made you feel at ease to try it. I mean, you couldn’t be worse than these bitches!  I think my favorite thing about this video is they call an ass an ass —  not a “tush”, not a “back-end”, not even a “glute”; the direction was “step back and grab your ass!” Take that Leslie Sansone and cram it up your back-end! =)

And then dinner… oh my goodness did it turn out well. First, let me say, I am in love with my new cast iron skillet. It was “pre-seasoned”, but I cooked it for a while coated in bacon-grease anyway, as if it weren’t. Hamburgers last night, scrambled eggs with spinach this morning, and now tuna steak with spinach, mushrooms and garlic tonight. Easy and perfect. It doesn’t stick. It heats so evenly. I only have to remember that the handle gets hot, too, but so far so good. Add some couscous with some chicken broth and lemon, and I blew myself away with the deliciousness of this dinner tonight.

Bonus: I knew cast iron was heavy, but so is tri-clad metal cookware in general. I’m going to have to start pumping more iron so I can lift my pots to stuff my face! =) Why does that make me happy?

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