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On Father’s Day

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, June 22, 2010 at 8:32 am by flerly.

Cowboy Church of Lafayette was the site for Saturday’s wedding of James’ cousin Brandy. The locale was unusual to us, but the ceremony and the reception were just beautiful! Had never been to a ceremony where the groomsmen pranked the groom so well during the ceremony with the “we forgot the ring” gag. Poor Kenneth! =)

The unusualness of the day actually started on our trip up, though. Cashier at the Subway where I was waiting to grab lunch puts up with about 10 minutes of condescension and annoyance from the man with his seven kids which were in front of me, then says “screw this” and walks out.

We joined James’ dad, stepmom and brother for the wedding and hung out with them the whole Saturday. James’ dad has always had a habit of disappearing in his truck for some errand or another at strange times, which we are pretty used to, but we hadn’t expected his need to leave the reception so early. We’d both wished we’d come in our own car so we could have stayed longer — to at last talk to the couple, officially meet the groom, maybe say anything before they moved away to North Carolina on Monday. But anywho…

Maybe my next phone will take better pictures, or next time we’ll take a real camera, but it was weird going to a wedding and reception we didn’t have any hand in — been a long time. Anywho, here’s a bad photo follow-me.

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