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Wild Azalea

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, July 19, 2010 at 5:40 pm by flerly.

Haven’t really wrapped my mind around this weekend fully — maybe because it was intended to be escape and relaxation, and it fairly well succeeded. This particular cabin was a big win, as it was decked out with everything we needed — including a nice den with pool table, gas grill and a hot tub. Great place for three couples and two dogs for a weekend.

I think I totally scored on cooking duty, with sandwich stuff, salad stuff and a potato casserole made beforehand as my responsibilities. Felt like such a slacker, we volunteered to make a Saturday morning grocery run for some beverage refills. The beer might have lasted longer if people hadn’t kept dropping their open bottles into the hot tub — apparently when you’re all steamy and sitting in bubbles (and it’s not your first adult beverage) glasses and bottles are difficult to grip.

It was a bit cooler in Blue Ridge, but still the south, so still miserably humid and in the 90s. A/C in the cabin was rocking, and after dark, the hot tub was more than bearable. Friday night we rocked out the hot tub and ran through the beverage supplies so well that it could not be repeated on Saturday. We made a mild attempt, but Saturday night was made for booze and bad pool… and celebrating engagements. The Sniper-Couple can tell the story best, but the rest of us were just happy to have been there for there for the news.

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