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ugh… this is vacation?

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, July 3, 2002 at 11:37 pm by flerly.

I’m venting… It’s been okay. Just having strange deja-vu of being home…. mainly because here I am sitting at a computer in a house, accompanied by JT, Girlblah, and Janow, just like any other night at home. So, the house is in the middle-of-nowhere Ringgold, GA and hella lot neater than our townhouse, there’s still Guinness and all the fixings of bologna sandwiches with doritos in the kitchen, so it’s home.

On the upside… played Goony golf. Yippee… not that JT had fun. Also, just heard on Slashdot that BBC is bringing back Dr. Who, and then about 10 minutes later I find out that GILES is gonna be the next Dr. Who.. so right now I’m like.. *wow*. Dr. Who was a huge childhood favorite, and now mixing it with former cast of Buffy.. well, *wow*.

Managed to squeeze in a showing of PPG:TM, and mostly enjoyed it. Not as “fast paced?” as the tv series, but… like girlblah pointed out, it seemed more like a cartoon made for adults to enjoy…. though I’m thinking, yeah, that’s why I watch it usually, but the movie really pointed that out.. the van halen song titles that made up one guys entire dialog really made my day. Just so happen to have van halen one in the cd player. And the homage to Planet of the Apes and King Kong were very cute, too.

Heh, whaddaya know.. just another thing that makes this feel like any other night at home… here we sit at going on midnight watching Star Trek on TNN.

Anyway.. guess I should get off this laptop and try to be on vacation.


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