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post holiday ramblings…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, July 5, 2002 at 10:44 am by flerly.

Just a recap of the holiday in Chattavegas, picking up where I left off Wednesday.

After an evening of “deja-vu” with the four of us in a new house, but still all together, JT managed to make the night at least extraordinary. By the time we dragged our lazy asses out of bed on the 4th, the other early-rising pair, was already tired enough of waiting on us that they were falling back asleep–or something like that. Suffice it to say, JT ended up getting our dressed-and-ready-to-go pep out by playing some ping pong in the garage, which gave them more time to get ready.

All in all it was after 1 when finally appeared, dressed, ready, bag slung over his shoulder, on his way to fetch leftover Guinness to take to his sister’s cookout. They pile in the car, bags & alcohol, too, and leave with the notion that JT and I will be right behind. So.. after all the “fired up” we were, we manage to lounge, JT calls his bud Nick, and next thing I know a bike trip is arranged, so I get to go solo–which was sort of expected.

It’s strange perhaps, but that in itself brought on another case of deja-vu for me. Here I am, alone again, in Chattavegas, realizing that I really don’t have anybody here local to visit or stay with, that isn’t actually the relation of my bf or else the relation of my best friend. Lived in this town from age 17 to 28, and really only managed to make one good friend––but I took him with me to Atl. Janow’s mom drove home this point to me yesterday, too. She knows everybody… in 10 minutes of meeting JT for the first time, she had established a long history of knowing more people in his family that he knows it seemed, considering that she even knew his step dad’s first wife. I remember years ago her trying to do that to me, and after going off on as many Johnson’s as she knew in and around town, she finally gave up and accepted me as one of those weird people who came from someplace else and decided to stay. As such, it seems my last name wasnt even worth remembering to her. Can’t say I blame her… took me hours to remember hers to tell JT the other day…. once you get Kathy McNasty stuck in your head in Janow’s mimicking voice, it’s hard to remember what her real name is.

So anyway, riding solo in the eclipse yesterday, I was pondering what to do, even as I was headed up the interstate toward Tara’s cookout and the familiarity of Janow and Girlblah. Almost decided to turn around and play the day solo at JT’s Dad’s place… who’d even know. J&G would just think I was with JT someplace, and well.. JT would think I was with them, the realization of which was even more depressing. So I decided to make a plan of what I wanted to do today… food, see MIB2, and drive around parts of Chattavegas and relive old memories… but then I decided that I’d at least stop by Tara’s cookout and see if anyone wanted to join me, which in fact, they did. So, with even more “this is just like home” deja-vu, Janow, Girlblah, and I set out to overtake Chattavegas. Even managed to hook up with JT later for a trip to the infamous Stickyfingers for some more nostalgia and bbq, before Janow and Girlblah split town.

With their decision to go home instead of go to fireworks, JT and I found ourselves alone again, so I followed him in my car through the crowds to try to find a suitable, free, parking spot. Spoiled-brat V-tech bitch notwithstanding, we did find a spot, watched the thing, then did our thing to get outta there.

Took the solo, long, dark, curvy road home, through the “hollow”… still blaring my Van Halen one, just feeling like a little Running with the devil, before coming “home”. Few episodes of Twilight Zone later, we were asleep… shitty dreams, and hence.. up “early”, perusing LJs and at last writing down all this crap just to get it out.

Today’s plan…. perhaps the pool. Tonight, JT’s family hit’s town, and preparations for tomorrow’s “shindig” will ensue. Don’t know when we’re headed home, but kinda happy JT brought the laptop so I could feed my computer addiction.

Now perhaps, i will go lay out in the sunshine.


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