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Posted in Project 40 on Monday, August 9, 2010 at 8:51 pm by flerly.

What I am is headachy, tired and grumpy. Have done very well sticking to the calorie plan this week, though it’s been more like 1200-1250, but I can live with that. The complete crap-hurricane that hit with work today did an excellent job of keeping me distracted enough to not realize my stomach was growling. Ate a late lunch, then I think it might have been a minute after 5pm when I said “fuck-it-all!” and headed out the door to go workout. Only managed to walk 2 miles today, as I’ve been on the phone most of the day. Might walk some more this evening, but right now… I just don’t know.

Not sure why am I getting these headaches; whether its related to the lower calories or not. I’m sleeping enough, maybe I should get some vitamins again and drink more water. I have cut out my morning coffee or chai for the week, just because I like it with creamer, and even sugar-free eats up 100 calories a day I didn’t want to spare on liquid — so may this is caffeine withdrawal related? I think I’ll test that with a diet mountain dew caffeine overload ASAP.

Have not begun to tackle massive-closet-overhaul-project, but perhaps after dinner. Was too tired from gym to even make dinner immediately, but did spend some time checking out my bike when I got home, knocking off the cobwebs. Needs some air in the tires, but overall looks good. Tomorrow’s after work plan is to load it up in the car and drive it to Stone Mountain to do a loop at the park — thus not having to deal with after-work traffic between here and there on a bike — pending I actually managed to sneak off over lunch tomorrow for my circuit workout and don’t have to do that after-work.

Caffeine now, and dinner.

PS. Not sure where Lean Cuisine gets off calling this crap “pizza”…

Update: Walked 1 more mile, but legs are sore from the circuit workout. I see a hot soak in my future. Also, ammending my Project 40 wordpress to post these to [ljcomm]kikide[/ljcomm]

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