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Recoup, regroup

Posted in Project 40 on Saturday, August 14, 2010 at 11:47 am by flerly.

Friday was a complete and utter bust. Slept for crap, and even though I woke up at 7 and tried to get going, giving in to the urge to just lay back down for a minutes after I killed the alarm allowed me to knock out until a bit after 11. Good thing they don’t really call me too much on Fridays, especially after me reminding them that I’d like a pay increase if they continue to want me to work more than the 3 days they pay me for.

Just felt like crap all day, though — sore body, yes, but mostly just muddle-headed and tired. Everytime I’d eat something I’d feel better for a little while, which led to me going stupid on calories yesterday — 2300 for the whole day, and never managed to drag ass to the gym or really walk.  Didn’t bother to step on the scale this morning — who needs to add to the depression.

Even with sleeping in, I was out by shortly after midnight and barely dragged ass up today. Did, though — went to work out, then indulged in a small coffee from Starbucks for 150 total calories. Calling that breakfast.

My deadline day is here, though — today absolutely has to be spend doing my closet project or else James may very well kill me when he gets home. Just finished a salad for lunch, already worked out, and feeling functionally better today, so no excuses. Taking myself off the grid for the day to get this done!


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