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The ups and downs

Posted in Project 40 on Monday, September 20, 2010 at 12:31 pm by flerly.

What a different weekend than the last. We climbed — or at least went to the climbing gym — three nights last week, though my pull from Wednesday night was still a problem on Friday. Lack of strength or whatever, my left bicep went from sore to a big painful knot on my last aborted climb attempt, but thankfully James was on hand to work it out. Massive ouch.

Went Saturday morning to do the circuit, but then was pretty slack whole rest of the day. End result was just a general overall stiffness and both arms kinda sore. Sunday morning I got up to do an abs routine from a video — found myself not able to do some of the abs moves I used to be able to — and ended up with a massively sore core rest of the day.

Best thing — Saturday night dinner and hanging out. Worst thing — My Sunday suggest for JamesT to play games solo and just let me clean house and get some things done. Sure, I got things done — which puts me in a great mood, but I always forget that solo gaming makes him a massively angry person that he just can’t shake. Spent the day trying not to “piss him off” with my mere presence in the room while he was trying to game, and the evening trying to hang out with him for dinner and be “upbeat” without annoying, lest his funk envelop us both, but it was pretty fruitless. Pretty sure he went to bed still just generally angry, and I spent most of the evening thinking about how much this particular game has costs us, when you add up how many smashed ps3 controllers have come from it.

I spent some time this morning searching frantically for a group workout class option — preferably Zumba, with less than stellar results. Couple more options, if I am willing to commit to weekends, but still none that are class by class — and after our recent decision to commit to a monthly cost to climb, I’m already questioning my Curves monthly … let alone dumping another monthly fee just for a one-off class. Freaking retarded. I’d give up and get a video, except I just want to get out of this damn house to do it, since I’m really hating any video I try here these days.

Still feeling generally sore and tired today, but it is our plan to climb tonight so far as I know. Considered doing circuit this morning, but didn’t make it before their lunch break. Dunno if I will go this afternoon. Just… I guess I let yesterday get to me, so I’m sort of in a funk myself now.


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