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Revision: Workout plan

Posted in Project 40,Workout on Friday, October 1, 2010 at 11:07 am by flerly.

Here’s my revised workout plan, based on … realism… and some more reading into the fitness portion of the Abs Diet book:

Mon/Wed/Fri – climbing gym at least 2 of those days – to include half hour of cardio on bike or elliptical for 2 of those days.

Tue/Thu/Sat – Curves circuit workout – shooting for a morning visit, for maximum recovery time before climbing

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu – treadmill desk, standing or walking, but TRY for 2 miles a day of walking at least, even at slower pace.

Not adding in any of the abs diet routines for a couple weeks, as this is likely more than enough and it’s what they suggest. Hoping that the circuit workout in the book can just be my Curves workout, but I’ll have to look at the details there. Most likely it will just mean adding in a couple abs routines.

IF JamesT decides on a stretching or flexibility routine related to climbing, I’ll do my best to join him in that as well, and I suspect he’d be interested in doing some abs work with me as well.

Note: Most of my fitness posts are feeding into kikide.livejournal.com now instead of flerly_diet.livejournal.com, but everything should be at www.flerly.com.

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