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What the? Hey, my feet won’t do that!

Posted in Project 40 on Saturday, October 2, 2010 at 5:57 pm by flerly.

I decided to pull out the Wii Cardio Dance game I’ve had and not tried for a bit… it’s one of the games I got a couple months ago when I begged James to let me move the Wii upstairs so I could play while he played PS3 or watched sports or whatever kept me off the tv downstairs, and of course it’s easier to sneak off and do during the day, since I can still hear my desk phone ring from upstairs…. anywho.

The game features latin dance styles, cardio boxing, and mini-games. I turned on every beginner/tutorial option, went through all the help screens, and started on a one of the dance tutorials…. and let me just say thank goodness you can’t be booed off stage. Legs first, more complicated legs, now add arms, now double-time, and new move–and the pace seemed to me about as fast as you could read that sentence. I was stunned. So, I watched another tutorial, and another. I was completely dumbfounded by how fast it moved, and I couldn’t get my three left feet to do that.

What’s worse… once you start a workout with your trainer, it’s not easy to stop or go back. You can pause or quit the game entirely, but you can’t just abort and choose another workout. So, I muddled through — the cardio boxing was fun, but the mini-game of jumping out of the way of running bulls was just kinda lame.

Once I finished the trainer workout, I was able to find a menu to pick and choose any single workout to try it, as well as an option to create a series of workouts. Seriously, I’m going to have to just create a series workout of the same dance style tutorial over and over about 50 times before I get each move — but maybe that’s what they expect for true beginners and that’s why they have the create your own.

On the upside, once you get through all the tutorials, you’re supposed to know all the moves for the various dance routines set to pop tunes and you can then start choosing them for your workout series — I did one using cardio boxing moves and it was pretty fun. The songs for the latin dance look fun, too, but my god the moves to learn.

I just keep telling myself, if I can’t even learn the moves for a silly cardio dance game, I’d just make a fool of myself trying to jump into a Zumba class somewhere. Thus, to paraphrase David Bowie, let’s dance at home first.

On a side note, after climbing last night, then 6.5 miles on the bike and some bouldering today, getting through this game and the cardio boxing has my arms aching!

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