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October love and fall fun

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, October 6, 2010 at 5:33 pm by flerly.

There are sometimes when I have to think hard about why James and I are together because we are such opposites — or I should just say, he’s so weird and totally wrong. =) As if his hate of tomatoes and cheese isn’t enough, when it turns fall and he starts to get all depressed while I go nuts wanting to do and plan things because I LOVE the cooler weather, well, we get a little strained sometimes.

So, it is fall, a season I love because of birthdays and holidays and cooler weather, and although our household budget, like many others, is tight in this financial environment, I’m really enjoying finding fun things for us to do. Our recent decision to join the climbing gym has done a lot to take up our free time, but I suspect as it gets even cooler the gym will fill up quite a bit. Birthday obligations and a couple fall festival fireworks shows to shoot have also taken up some valuable fun-fall time.

My own birthday this year is on a weeknight, which usually means we celebrate the weekend before or after — but this year I have scored completely on the celebration front. The weekend before we have a shoot, so we’re doing a “birthdays in Alabama” thing to joint-celebrate, then Tuesday night MrT and I have dinner reservations at Park Tavern, then Wednesday night Kit & Bob are graciously hosting a pumpkiin carving night for my birthday at their house to save us having to clean up before we leave Thursday night for Washington, D.C. via Amtrak!

Yes, we’re planning to attend Jon Stewart’s Rally for Sanity on the 30th, but we’ll  be there two full days, walking through D.C. in the fall, and taking a train up and back — so this one trip has so much potential for satisfying fun things! Then we get to be home for Halloween on Sunday to give out candy — pending our neighborhood doesn’t decide to go for a Saturday night thing, which I’m against and we probably wouldn’t have given out candy then even if we’d been home.

Sure, we couldn’t make the trip to San Diego for Halloween with Pete & Joyce that I’d hoped, and we didn’t get the option to buy tickets for the next shuttle launch on Nov 1, but we do get a fun little weekend away that we both might actually enjoy — except for JamesT and the fall weather, I guess, but he’ll survive it to see Jon Stewart. Planning that trip together, on the other hand,  was one of the times when I know exactly why we’re together, and why I’m so happy right now — with him, and with fall.

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