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Baby steps, my ass

Posted in Project 40 on Thursday, November 11, 2010 at 11:18 am by flerly.

I went from a week working from a laptop in bed, to migrating the laptop to the desk and sititng in a chair, and now I’m down to the wire on a couple things I absolutely need the regular work computer for– which means the treadmill desk. I spent a whopping half hour standing there yesterday, just feeling out-of-sorts, and I’ve avoided it yet today, but I’m past the deadline already and HAVE to get this project finished today.

So that means I have to get up, and get back into gear. Or at least, literally “off my ass.”

I’m also looking at 4, count them 4 email reminders from Curves that they’ve missed me in the circuit, which means a whole month gone to the wind while my ass expands. I think it’s time to cancel, because I’m clearly not going to keep going and go climbing, too. And I’d rather be climbing. I dread that phone call, though.

Work just blew-up last week, and I’m still so far behind. I’ve gotten so much done this week, I should be overjoyed, but I can’t stop looking at what’s still outstanding, and then those email and phone call inquiries about “When can I expect this?” just keep coming. No time for a pat on the back, just get up and keep moving.

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