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A new year

Posted in Project 40,Workout on Wednesday, January 19, 2011 at 8:03 pm by flerly.

Kit and I have decided to make the best of our current situations by planning to work out twice a week during the day. This is made possible by our non-real-job-having status at present, and will use the monthly gym memberships we already pay for at the climbing gym.

We are still going with the group there to climb two nights a week,as well, but our daytime meetings will be for cardio and strength. Kit just needs to remember how to run, but I’m planning to finally make it through the couch to 5k plan and learn to run in my Vibrams.

Neither have really mentioned a specific diet plan we intend to strictly follow, just try to cut back on everything. I’m still making Abs diet Smoothies, but that’s about it. As opposed to their recommended food first method, I’m opting to try to build the exercise habit first before I complicate things.

I must recap a little since my last update to note a few things.

One, though I loved Curves, its just too much cost monthly, so it is out.

Two, operation bootcamp finally has an indoor nearby location for me to finish out my prepaid classes, but alas, they are all at 5:30am. If my job situation changes so I can only workout beforehand, then I will look at that option again.

Three, I am enjoying climbing very much, but find it is actually killing my general mood as each time we go I realize I’m not going to get much better until I lose a lot of weight. And, surprise, just like bootcamp I have pushed myself to the point of injury, but this time shoulder versus ankle.

Lastly, I am opting out of Thursday night gaming, even though I did enjoy it and it is a creative and social outlet. My reasoning is that I want a no-excuses night to myself to devote to studying and improving my job skills. I find I’m not really making the time consistently during the day, so a one night a week commitment should ease that tension I’ve been feeling from not making progress. I want to study and job hunt online in that time each week.

And from here, we move forward.

Oh yeah, and the reward for my project-40 this year will be a week at a beach house in Florida with friends and family! Now THERE is motivation!

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