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From the way-back machine…

Posted in Project 40,Workout on Thursday, January 20, 2011 at 10:57 pm by flerly.

Looking back to help the move forward. Haven’t we been down this road before?

10 decisions/things to change in my life

22 Sep 2008 by flerly, Comments Off

I’ve been caught slacking again with the diet efforts… which makes for no efforts… which makes for… well, all the bad. So, after much thought, here’s my list or my plan or my whatever that I plan to/need to/should/will do … there is no try.. yatta yatta… here:

1) No more bootcamp for a while… your feet and ankles can’t take it, and injuries knock you way out for a while. Pilates, for as much as you LOVED it, isn’t enough cardio. Go check out fullcycle-fitness.com — a group classes/cycling gym in Tucker with monthly membership for unlimited classes, and apparently a rare find with classes during the work day instead of just before and after — hence, continue to take advantage of work-from-home status.

2) No more, or at least REALLY limited, diet soda. A decision after yet another horrible intestinal battle that could link back to diet soda — between the acidity and the artificial sweetener, who knows why, but even if it was coincidence, you still drink too much of the stuff. Thus, water or tea… or juice or G2, cut with water. Or milk…. You get the idea.

3) Stop musing over Nutri-crap-system or Jenny Craig or whatever you think might be worth paying a fortune for not having to think about food and just THINK about food. Money spent on this diet endeavor is ALWAYS better spent on exercise classes than meal plans. You have a brain, use it. Skipping a meal is better than crap for convenience. Learn some willpower. Count some calories. Spend more than you take in, seriously how hard can it be.

4) STOP thinking the next DVD or gadget is going to be “the thing”… it will never be “the thing”… dvds always get boring, remember you HATE working out alone. Again, spend the money on a group class, make sure it’s a during the day class so you’ll go — as in, not at the ass-crack of dawn so you will want to oversleep, and not after work so you’ll want to spend time with JamesT. Go during the day, make up work in the evenings, you know it works better for you — remember it.

5) Go to the dang doctor. ESPECIALLY if regular exercise and a conscious diet doesn’t help the intestinal issues soon. Normal people don’t pop antacids like candy or drink bottles of pepto in a week.

6) You may be off the soda, but DRINK MORE WATER. Regular exercise again will no doubt help that. Don’t JUST drink water instead of soda, consciously drink more and make that more WATER!

7) Take your daily multivitamin and suppliments. Oh, and that means actually take them DAILY for a change, and not “whenever you remember this month.” Those 60 pill bottles? Yeah, they should last 60 days — not the year.

8) Stretch more. Everyday. You installed the “Big Stretch” work reminder, so stop ignoring those popup reminders. Get up and stretch means…. well. Get. up. Even if you’ve worked out, you can still be still at a computer for too long if you ignore them. In fact, same thing can hold true for the TV, so think about a stretch reminder for TV time, too. Or, I dunno… maybe use that big treadmill while you watch, since that’s why it is there. Even if you walk, it’s not sitting. And if you’re still not convinced, remember the very recent night you spend in agony with your shoulder in constant pain… taking too much tylenol, stinking up the house with creams, using a heating pad to try to get it to release, and the ever popular slamming your shoulder into the wall to get it to pop. All brilliant ideas we are looking forward to repeating. See #5 and sub CHIRO when necessary. Better yet, make it not necessary by STRETCHING MORE!

9) Which leads to the all important… Just Move More. Every day. Every chance. Get up. Stretch. Move. Take the stairs. Take the long way. Park farther away. All those stupid little things.

10) And most of all, cultivate your mental health with some friends and family connections. Harass the girls to hike or take a class or come over and workout … you have plenty of gear, or at least just use that treadmill to walk while you talk on the phone to mom, or sis, or nieceseses or anybody. Move more AND connect more. You let too much time pass “being busy”. Make the time. You need to for your mental health, and if you don’t soon, your friends will make better friends and stop even wanting to see you.



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