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okay.. busy day shaping up

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, July 15, 2002 at 11:01 am by flerly.

First things first… this was THE day. THE first paycheck under new management, new healthplan, new everything… was SO afraid that this first check, which they told us 20 times was going to be an actual check and not a direct deposit, would be mailed out on the 15th instead of handed to us. But, it wasn’t… it was handed out for our inspection.

Let me just say it was okay I skipped the bran this morning, because I seem to have been reamed pretty well on this paycheck. $44 a check total deductions for benefits. That just kills me.. that’s the cheap plan. JT pays like $3 a check. Argh.. but anyway, it’s health coverage, so I won’t complain too much. Just got to get the little sucker to the bank ASAP.

On the blah news front.. got two severely worn tires on the back of my car, which explains my recent “fun in the rain” driving experiences. JT says my alignment must be off, but well, might as well replace two tires when I get it checked, and there are those brakes to be worked on. So, again, got to get that little paycheck to the bank to fund all these goodies. Needs to be done this week before I make the roadtrip to see mom. God, I hope she decides to go to Joyce’s so I can just meet her there. I’d go for knocking 2 hours off my driving time anyday.

Chattavegas was a whirlwind tour… raced up Friday, barely picked up JT’s tux before the rehearsal, raced to rehearsal, then “surprise” the bride and groom were expecting to be taken out someplace afterwards and pretty much left it up to us. Well, with only the groom, JT and one other guy who couldn’t stay out late, and with the fact that Chattavegas is fastened fairly securely as the buckle of the bible belt, and thus the strip club options were lacking, we ended up doing a guys and girls together thing to just go shoot pool and do shots. Grumpy me elected to be designated driver, since I wasn’t looking forward to what I might have said had I gotten a few drinks in me. Even though I was just sucking down the sweet teas, I still think I got a little rude to JT a few times. =\

Anyway.. late night, which included trying to get to sleep on JT’s mom mattress, which needs to win some kind of “misshapen mattress” award. Forgot to watch Mystery Science Theater, as we ended up in a bit of a rush to get to the church on time. Found out that morning, JT was the designated driver of the groom to the event. JT looked sweeet in his tux.. too bad nobody took any pictures of us together.

Anyway, church blah blah.. big elaborate wedding plans coming together.. blah blah. Groom wasn’t too nervous. Bride required 5 people to satisfactorily put on her tiara and veil, and I was recruited as that 5th person because I was “tall enough to really see the top of her head”. Yeah. I think I placed my hand on her tiara and veil so she could feel a little pressure then said “it looks perfect. shake your head and see if it falls out”.. she did, and boom, suddenly she was satisfied. Then she had to freak that the cake wasn’t assembled before the service. Then.. blah blah. It was nice when it all came together. Short ceremony, too. I sat with JT’s mom and step dad, who was a riot. He nudged his wife and said, “Honey, there’s time before they get started for us to get up there and do it again..” then he went on to try to take bets on how long their marriage would last.

After ceremony went okay.. Only had to listen to “there’s still time for you two to get up there and make this a double wedding” about 30 times. JT ended up with the garter (reluctantly), and despite Nick’s best efforts to aim Mandy’s arm with the bouquet, she fell short of my feet by about 5 feet the first throw, then did it over “giving it a good arm” and ended up slinging it way back and over to the side (where I thankfully was not.) The clever couple had also decided not to drive either of their cars to the ceremony, and to drive off in Nick’s mom’s car to pick up his own, in an attempt to foil any decoration ideas. I’m sure they thought that would work, too, except for the fact that we cruised by to see where his car was parked (behind his mom’s house) and then elicited JT’s mom and step-dad to excuse themselves from the reception early and go decorate it for us. Thus, we are pretty sure they were quite surprised to find the Mustang covered in shaving cream and streamers, despite knowing that everyone they thought would do it was at the church with them the entire day.

A clever JT even managed to trick a drunken Mandy into revealing what hotel in Atlanta they were rushing off to after the reception as a pit stop on their way to St. Augustine, so after a nice late birthday dinner with JT’s dad et al, we drove back to Atlanta Saturday night, and decided to drive by the hotel. =) Some streamers had survived the road trip, so we didn’t do any further decorating. We just left a nice note about sending them copies of the honeymoon surveillance tapes as souvenirs, and went home to pass out.

Declined the opportunity to see Reign of Fire in favor of some birthday shopping with JT, and well, he’s already recorded his purchase. I’m so glad he got something really cool for his birthday. I was ghei and got him shoes and clothes. His mom got him a floor jack and some jack stands. Even Maggie got him some funky dvds, but I still think the cash contributed to the “subwoofer” fund was the best present.

Oh well.. this has been too long already. Time to get some of this work done today.


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