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Posted in Project 40,Workout on Thursday, February 3, 2011 at 1:56 pm by flerly.

Week three running trainer is still kicking my butt. Need longer recovery times between, so I made them manually. Made it through Tuesday, today, nope. Still did 3 extra intervals after the trainer was over, and still did 2.2 miles, but definately not ready to bump up to week four yet.

I’m so ready for all this exercise to start giving me more energy — or is that just some urban legend. Getting fit makes you feel better right? If so, why am I spending so much time feeling like a slug. Oh wait, because I’m far from fit. I think that phrase should be “BEING fit makes you feel better, but GETTING fit is a pain in the ass where all you want to do is nap.”

I so want to fit into some smaller clothes, asap.

I’m so dreading agreeing to this bootcamp again.

I’m so ready for the “extra energy” from these Moringa capsules to kick in — I hear it takes a week, so I guess I should expect much on day 3.

I dread this weekend’s drive, the snow, all the sitting around and eating we’ll inevitably do, but I think that might motivate me to actually go to bootcamp Monday morning.

6:45AM is pretty early compared to my usual 9-ish AM wake-up time these days, but it’s not as early as 4:45 AM, so I’ll just keep reminding myself I’m sleeping in 2 extra hours from when I used to do bootcamp.


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