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Wednesday – Single

Posted in Project 40,Workout on Thursday, February 10, 2011 at 10:03 am by flerly.

2/9/11 – Total Calories 2033

Fat(g) Fiber(g) Net C(g) Prot(g) KCals
75.12 33.2 221.82 94.02 2033

Even though I’ve been exercising and eating under my calculated RDI, I stepped on the scale 2/10 morning to find I was up 3 lbs. I’ve forced fatsecret.com to recalculate RDI, and it dropped it to 2100 now.


Bootcamp — warmup calisthenics, weights for biceps, dips for triceps, some kind of shoulder exercise I’d never seen, which you do laying face down, then we “rolled” across the gym alternating a pushup with a “crab dip”.


I had thought I would do some kind of second workout, but it never happened. I spent the day even more a zombie. I’m just generally sore from these workouts, but don’t feel like anything is really hurt, but I just can’t find any energy. Every time I sat down at a computer I just about fell asleep with my head on the desk. The couple times I really had things to do, I was thankful to have to stand at the work computer.

James says I need to hit a minute clinic for this earache that won’t go away, and I’m finally believing him. I’ve been head full of sinus crap many times, and never had it bother me this way for so long. The pressure and popping in my ear seems almost random. It is really bad in the morning, then seems to get better as I move more during the day, but apparently when we sit down to watch any tv or movie, it goes nuts again. I don’t have a fever with it, though, so I’m not sure whats to be done. A simple OTC Advil Sinus congestion pill makes it better for a few hours, but those damn things are expensive and obviously not actually curing the problem, since I”m on my 2nd box of them now.

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