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Week one homework?

Posted in Project 40,Workout on Thursday, February 10, 2011 at 10:47 am by flerly.

Doing this without the old books is both good and bad. Good, because they were a pain, but bad because he apparenlty post our expected homework on the website forum, and I”m just now noticing it. He never mentioned it in class.

DEZ: Ok guys here it is, week 1 homework, you are responsible to do this every day in addition to your workouts.

2 minute plank (non-stop, at least 1 minute increments, no more than 30 seconds rest if you have to break it up)

100 crunches/ legs elevated with knees bent (don’t pull on neck please)

90 second superman (lay on your stomach and pretend you are flying, lift arms and legs as high as you can, this is a lower back strengthener).

Ladies/50 fire hydrants each leg (on your knees with hands down, lifting one leg up and down to the side, then switch) (keep your arms straight, and don’t lean over)

Men/75 push ups

And that’s all, make sure you do a few jumping jacks and a small stretch to warm up, and stretch some when you are done, should not take long, but you better do it or week two will be a beast!!!!

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