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Thursday – Single

Posted in Project 40,Workout on Thursday, February 10, 2011 at 9:10 pm by flerly.

2/10/11 – Total Calories 1871

Fat(g) Fiber(g) Net C(g) Prot(g) KCals
64.04 32.9 190.89 118.40 1871

Skipped morning bootcamp. Got up, looked out window, saw snow, went back to bed. Just felt too tired to spend the time checking on the roads, so decided to sleep in. Knew I was going to meet Kit anyway.

11AM – Met Kit at climbing gym, and did three routes. First one was the blue one that I slipped off of on Monday. Second was the yellow one in the middle that I’m too chicken to try in a crowded gym, because it’s a busy place to climb. Couldn’t have done it if Kit hadn’t helped hold my weight to get over the little overhang — just not sure where to put my feet to get the leverage I need. Using my arms too much, too. Lastly, did the orange in the far right corner, but arms were just dead. Had to rest rest rest, and still fudged a couple footholds to get to the scenic overlook for a break, but then powered on up okay.

Then we hit the treadmill. As soon as I started walking, and this was just to find my playlist on the iPod, my left hammy is feeling tight. So instead of starting my running trainer, I walk through a song, then stop and stretch it some. Then I walk through another song to see how it feels. It’s still tight, entire left side, nearly to the point of downright painful, so I decide to keep walking a bit. After another song it is seeming to loosen up, so I crank it up and try to run a couple minutes. That isn’t feeling too well, so I ease back down and walk more. In the end, I never started my running trainer and just walked 2 miles at the briskest pace I could manage. By the end my leg felt much better, but I was still mentally wiped out.


I tried to tell Kit afterwards that my biggest hurdle with exercising seems to be the mental battle. I let every little though niggle at me and try to worm it’s way in so that my brain decides I should stop what I’m doing, and I just have to tell myself that it isn’t that bad. Staring at the distance clicking up helps sometimes, but only if I’m close to a “goal” like a full mile. I watched one of the MTV’s “I Used To Be Fat” shows tonight where a 260 pound girl managed to push herself within 3 months of trying to get to  a 10 minute mile. It showed several of her struggling attempts, and every time her failure seemed to be all in her head. I could really sympathize.

One thing I did notice, which I should have already known from working out with Kit, is that you don’t have to just set a 10-minute mile pace and go for it steadily. You can vary your pace so that you sprint some and you easily jog some and your average comes out to be 10 minutes. The trainer on the show essentially had her doing intervals of sprints and jogs instead of runs and walks. When she felt too tired to go on, instead of slowing below a jog, he had her use the arm rails and hold on, kind of holding herself up, while her feet kept up the jog. Not using her arms for a bit was enough of a break to let her heartrate come back down so she could keep going. I don’t really have the arm rails at home to try it, but the treadmill at the gym ought to work. I think I might give that method a try — with the goal of just keeping going for a solid mile either jogging or running or sprinting, but not walking. We’ll see.

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