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Love. It.

Posted in Project 40,Workout on Friday, February 18, 2011 at 2:05 pm by flerly.

Okay, maybe I’m just flashing back to the 80s and this is reminding me of aerobics classes I used to take at the YMCA, where a truly uncoordinated girl could learn some silly exercise routine played to some popular music and feel like she was dancing, but I am in love with Jazzercise.

I’m pretty sure I could do this every day and be very happy — except that I seem to have developed quite a blister in the non-arch area of my flat left foot from bouncing around in regular tennis shoes again. I guess I haven’t done anything in tennis shoes in long enough that I forgot how to prep my foot for it. Thus, I’m taking today — which would have been day 3, off in order to choose the best pair of tennis shoes for this endeavor and dig up all that sports tape I know is laying around here somewhere.

Did I mention *heart* this so much? First, it’s all to music, which just makes me feel like I’m having fun and just dancing. Second, I find I’m actually laughing and smiling while I’m doing this, and that seems INSANE to me considering how much exercise this is. Third, it just doesn’t seem like you’re working out THAT hard, I mean it shouldn’t be as challenging as something called “bootcamp” right? But when we’re done, I’m a sweaty mess. I can tell I’ve worked my whole body. I’m not in any pain specifically, like those times I could barely crawl into my car after bootcamp. Rather, I feel pleasantly exhausted and almost buzzed with endorphins.

Sure, it’s been around since 1969, and I’m a little amazed at their entire line of workout wear — “jazzertogs” — that they try to hock, which reminds me so much of the 80s and Flashdance, but I’m not ready to dig out my vintage leg warmers just yet. The ACTUAL classes, as opposed to what you see on the website, are a wide assortment of people, working out easily at their own level, wearing their comfortable clothes, and flinging just as much sweat, laughing and smiling just like me. It’s such a comfortable group to fall into!

The location I’m going to in Decatur has classes seven days a week, but so far only offers regular and express — which are fine by me. I tried an express last night thinking it would a lighter, shorter workout — rude awakening, no it was short and intense and seriously kicked my ass. I know because my autopilot failed on the way home and I turned down the wrong street before I realized it! So tired!

I’m just kicking myself that I never looked for such a thing before now! Bless that coupon site for featuring them!

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