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Posted in Project 40,Workout on Tuesday, May 3, 2011 at 9:05 pm by flerly.

So, I was down 2lbs this morning from yesterday. Motivating? You betcha.

Same meal plan today… mid-morning shake of the tiramisu variety, mid-afternoon can of tuna and crackers, mid-evening shake of the pb & banana variety.

Again, James wasn’t feeling up to climbing and felt he needed to work on fireworks layouts, so I went to the late Jazzercise. Left there not sure I was even going to be hungry, but arrived home to find James making his own dinner *yay* out of the supplies I picked up today in the “James dinner for one” category. Of course, the smell of it did make me kinda hungry, so I made my second shake for the day.

Oh, I killed a blender this morning. It was old. It had a good life. I already picked out another one on Overstock designed for smoothies, comes with six blending cups to fit it, so you don’t have to clean the damn thing twice a day to have two shakes.

Also, since I have yet to actually make a weekday morning Jazzercise with work — which is still just crazy busy — I’m going back to my notion of doing my own workout video in the mornings, so I can try to do it earlier. That morning class which puts me gone from 9:15 until 10:45 is just the busiest time of the morning for me. If I could be DONE by 9, life would be easier.

I will note, I’m really not feeling hungry, but I am having cravings based on food I see. I’ve sworn off all the usual cooking, cake making, etc. competition shows that I usually love. I do worry I’m not drinking enough water since I’m not feeling hungry. But anywho.. another day down. So far so good.


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