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Posted in Project 40,Workout on Wednesday, May 4, 2011 at 10:11 am by flerly.

Quick check in…. just as I was thinking about going to make my morning shake, I realized James was home and thought maybe I could just have a light lunch with him instead. Then I made myself go weigh in. I’m down another 3.8lbs from yesterday. From YESTERDAY. WTF?

Whatever it is, I’m damned well not changing the plan right now. Smoothies for the win! At this rate I’ll crack 200 this week.

Evening update: So, the plan started normal enough, except I screwed up my morning shake. A lesson was learned here. The new container of “greens” I got to add to shakes is flavored already and I didn’t notice. Pineapple. Not the nummiest thing ever to overwhelm a delicious coffee-flavored shake, and it thickens to a strange consistency. Serves me right for not just getting more of the same. Reworked the smoothie with a bunch more ice and coffee to make it bearable, but only just.

Mid-afternoon I went for the tuna and crackers again, but it was only shortly thereafter that the headaches I’ve been getting in the evening came on strong. I took a couple tylenol and shut my eyes for about 10 minutes, but no help. I went back to work and tried to ignore it, no good. At last I thought, maybe I’ll just have something else… a few more calories, something to crunch on. I was prepared, so I picked up an apple. Felt a bit better after.

It was late when James was finally done and ready to try climbing tonight, and he said he was starving beforehand, but wanted to wait. I was feeling ready for dinner myself, so I had some diet soda and a rice cake before we left. At the gym, I was sweating my ass off and feeling pretty weak. Didn’t push it on anything too difficult, but climbed 6 short routes. Afterwards I was so shaky and so headachy I decided to go for more actual food, so Wendy’s salad & chili. I felt kind of better after, but still really headachy, so James suggested I might be dehydrated. Three big containers of water later the damned headache is gone. I can be such an idiot sometimes.

So, I won’t go expecting another 3.8lbs in the morning, but I’ve learned a couple things about how to continue in this plan. Plus I really don’t feel like anything I indulged in today was derailing to the effort.


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