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Just once, I wish we would encounter an alien menace that wasn’t immune to bullets…<i>from Dr. Who</i>

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, July 19, 2002 at 10:49 am by flerly.

Mood: Blah
Mood: Blah A’ight
Mood: Beyond crappy
Mood: Bored as fuck

anyway… for the girls, fyi, talked to my poor unloved mother, who is fine with me not driving up to see her this weekend, so I will be around for cheese for sure. what time are we doing that anyway? say.. noonish then stay all day?

I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with me lately, but I’m just like a huge pit of suck, able to depress others from 50 yards away, or something like that. Actually, that’s a total lie.. I know exactly what’s wrong with me, I just don’t want to go into it… You watch this happen enough, you notice a pattern, and well.. I noticed. At least, if my pattern theory holds true, I should have a great time at cheese tonight with the ladies AND manage to say more than the three words I said last night at dinner. I’m sure ‘s Par includes me in the “lame” category now. He is way funny, so is George. I’m sure they’d be a blast to hang out with, so I guess I’m going to try to make the bbq Saturday and find out. Must get them to reconsider my “lame” status.

Dinner, since it seems no one has recorded it, was a belated birthday bash for at the Buckhead Cheesecake Factory, who’s driving directions are wrong on their website, fyi. Drinks were strong, appetizers good, my poor entree meal choice sort of blew, especially since it had a $20 price tag by itself, but the apple streusel caramel cheesecake more than made up for it.. I vaguely remember some conversation from the evening, and I’m really not sure where I was, but I guess my heart wasn’t in the evening. The pattern was holding true, i guess.

Anyway.. I actually just wanted to record here how much keeping track of time spent per project may be a useful tool for accounting, but it really blows. I have a nice fat pile of work to do today, again, but I’ll be damned if I’m in the mood. I really wanted to just stay home today… not work at home, but stay home under the covers and not show my face. I COULD decide to slack all day and take some work home for the weekend, I guess we’ll see. (as in, count the number of LJ entries at the end of the day and find out).

On the “just musing” front… I really wish i had a motorcycle.

This Day in History:
1877 1st Wimbledon tennis championships held
1961 1st in-flight movie shown (TWA)
1965 Shooting begins on Star Trek 2nd pilot “Where No Man Has Gone Before”
1976 Rock group Deep Purple disbands
1969 Apollo 11 goes into Moon orbit
1984 Geraldine A Ferraro, (Rep-D-NY), won Democratic VP nomination
1991 Miss Black America contestant accuses Mike Tyson of rape

And tomorrow on “this day in history” would be :
1964 Chris Cornell born


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